Piano Trio commissioned by the BBC (2006)

Die träumenden Knaben- -Melodram for Singer/Actor,Flute Clarinet in B(also B),Violine,Violoncello and Piano After a text by Oskar Kokoschka commissioned by Andreas Haefliger (2009/12)

Stringquartett No.1 commissioned by Andreas Haefliger (2008)

An Angel retreating for Flute(2012)

Ferdinand dreams for Counter-tenor and piano- - Paraphrase from the opera "The Duchess of Malfi" (2012)

Hausmusik for Flute and Piano (2012)

Passacaglia after a dream for Piano (2011)

Phantoms for Baritone and Cello after "I see phantoms of Hatred and the Heart's Fullness and of the Coming Emptiness"by W.B.Yeats commissioned by Wolfgang Holzmair and the Wigmore Hall (2011)

Was bedeutet die Bewegung- - a Mendelssohn-Song-cycle for Baritone and Stringorchestra commissioned by the Gewandhaus Leipzig (2012)

4 Songs for Baritone and Piano after texts by I.Gurney,A.E.Housman,Alun Lewis commissioned by Anwen E. Walker on behalf of the 3CHOIR Festival (2013)

A Welsh Night for Mezzo-Soprano and piano after texts from Alun Lewis


Völuspa-der Seherin Gesicht- - Melodram for Speaker and Orchestra (1999/2000)

Mein Herz brennt- - Song-Cycle after Texts and Motifs by Rammstein for Speaker ,Baritone and Orchestra(2001-03)

Le Serpent Rouge- - Song-Cycle for Soprane and Orchestra after an anonymus french text commissioned by the BBC (2004/2010)

Lycanthropy-Aria for counter-tenor and chamber orchestra(2014)

A Foreign Field---- for soloists,choir,boy's choirs and orchestra with texts from Ivor Gurney,Rupert Brook,Edward Thomas,R.M.Rilke,Georg Trakl and the Old Testament commissioned by the Three Choirs Festival/Städtische Bühnen und Theater Chemnitz (2012-14)

Zwei Liebeslieder von Thomas Brasch für Bariton und Orchester comissioned by the town of Kaiserslautern (2015)

A Welsh Night for Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra after texts by Alun Lewis comissioned by the Three Choirs Festival(2016)


Wouivres commissioned by the London Philharmonic Orchestra 2006/2011

Excantare Fruges commissioned by the Dresdner Sinfoniker and the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra (2009)

Suite from "The Duchess of Malfi" commissioned by the Robert-Schumann-Philharmonie Chemnitz(2012)

'Tropoi' concerto for Violin and Orchestra,commisioned by the Dresdner Philharmonie,Spokane Symphony Orchestra and the SouthCarolina Philharmonic Orchestra (2015/16) umbra...Variations on 'Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir' for Orchestra commisioned by the 

Castile and León Symphony Orchestra (2017)



Here dead we lie---for boy's choir after a text by A.E.Housman (2013)

Psalm 91--for mixed choir  (2013) der Hülse von Schnee...---for mixed choir after texts by Hölderlin commissioned by the RIAS Kammerchor (2013/14)


Rotter Opera in 2 Acts commissioned by Oper Köln (2006/7)

The Duchess of Malfi commissioned by ENO (2009/10)

Die Formel  Musiktheater nach einem Libretto von Doris Reckewell   comissioned by Konzerttheater Bern (2016/17)